Precedent is the first company in Minsk to offer its customers a full range of accounting services, as well as legal and auditing of business.

Audit support

The company Precedent performs both mandatory and voluntary audit.

An audit conducted at the initiative of the business management or business owners can be either complex or thematic, with the study of specific aspects of accounting and taxation. If necessary, we can carried out comprehensive studies on the basis of the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

Based on the results of each audit conducted by Precedent , the customer is provided a formal audit opinion.

Audit procedures and cost of service

Cost of the audit is determined by the following factors:

  • type of company’s activities and the intellectual complexity of accounting;
  • company’s documentation volumes;
  • quality of accounting.

Quality of accounting is one of the key parameters which determines the complexity of the audit and the final cost. Quality of accounting is determined by such factors as:

  • availability and completeness of all incoming and outgoing primary documentation;
  • correctness of its storage;
  • conformity of the electronic database of the accounting software to primary documents;
  • correct generation of reports based on the electronic database;
  • timely submission of all reports.

Thus, in order to determine the audit program, the cost and term of project completion, the employees Precedent first visit the client for the initial study of the state of company:

  • registers of primary documentation;
  • Database of accounting software;
  • accounting, tax and statistical reporting of the client company.

So, the start of the project and the payment are only made upon the mutual agreement with the client on the volume and the cost of work.