Based on the experience of MIH Allegro BV, the Limited liability company AllegroGruppBel started customer service in the Republic of Belarus.

Company MIH Allegro B.V. is the pioneer of Internet auctions in Eastern Europe. It began its business in 1999. Nowadays, the Internet auction company MIH Allegro BV is being used by more than 19 million people in countries such as Poland, Belarus, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

We offer our users the same high quality service and excellent support as the auction company MIH Allegro BV always does.

Our online auction has been called «Allegro».

ActavisCompany MIH Allegro BV is the pioneer in Internet auctions in Eastern Europe.

BostikJSC Bostikis Bostik Nodik’s subsidiary company which started its activities in Lithuania in 1996.

Precedent is the first company in Minsk to offer its customers a full range of accounting services, as well as legal and auditing of business.