The main activities of the company:

  1. Production of high-tech electronic modules.
  2. Distribution and marketing on the Belarus market, the PCs and servers of the worldwide famous companies like COMPAQ, Hewlett Packard, DELL, IBM.

The company Brados also offers peripheral equipment, expensive materials, software, maintenance of computers and peripherals. In addition, we offer services in the design and implementation of network and communications solutions.

The current objective of the enterprise development is the development of robots and robotic systems for production lines.

BAESCompany Baes, as part of implementation of the system for route orientation provides a full range of implementation of informational signs and route signs service in Minsk.

GiprospetsgazEngineering of pipelines from production areas to consumption locations

Precedent is the first company in Minsk to offer its customers a full range of accounting services, as well as legal and auditing of business.